Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Digital Homework!! Study Island is Here!!

We are trying a new program for homework for the second semester.  To help prepare students for the last MAP test in the spring and for third grade next year, we will be using the online site Study Island and the MAP practice sites.

Study Island provides a customized program that helps children master concepts taught in the second grade.  This allows students to have a meaningful homework experience that meets them where they truly are, instead of a "one shoe fits all" type approach.

Please review the letter that was sent home for more information on how to log on.  Most sessions should last about 20-30 minutes as students complete modules.  When students have mastered a concept with 70% or higher accuracy, they unlock games that they can play to further reinforce concepts.

Here is a suggested Digital Homwork schedule:
Day 1: Study Island - Reading (30 mins)
Day 2: Study Island - Math (30 mins)
Day 3: MAP Test Practice - Reading (30 mins)
Day 4: MAP Test Practice - Math (30 mins)
Day 5: Book It Reading (30 mins)