Friday, November 16, 2012

Space Station Webcast!

Yesterday afternoon, our class was able to participate in an incredible experience!  We were able to join a live webcast from the International Space Station!  We were very excited to see the astronauts on our SmartBoard.  Here are a few things that we learned:

  • The astronauts clean their urine through a closed filtration system and use it as drinking water.
  • It takes the astronauts 8 1/2 minutes to get into outer space.
  • We saw the microphone floating in space.
  • The astronauts communicate with their families by videoconference.
  • Their food is vaccuum packed or freeze dried.
  • They use the sun's power or solar energy to power the space station.
  • They get their emails every 2 hours.
  • We saw the astronauts do flips and float in the air.
  • We saw how the astronauts would perform CPR on another astronaut by doing a handstand to do compressions.

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